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Romy Schneiders Children`s Album

The lucky find

It all began with intensive enquieries in internet.
A well known auction house had two complete photo albums, with over 300 photos, on offer.

They were dated 1942-1944. The highest bid at the auction secured the find in 2011.

Viewing them it turned out that they were two private family photo albums belonging to a family in Schönau, near Berchtesgaden. Extensive enquiries made it possible to return the two albums, which had been stolen some years ago, to their owners.

In gratitude, the family gave their permission for digitalization and the first publication of the photos. The private photos show the UFA star (Universal Film AG) Magda Schneider, together with her daughter Romy, who then belonged to the family´s circle of friends.
Hiking in the Berchtesgaden Land and a holiday from the 17th – 28th of August, 1944 to Velden, Wörthersee would have been rated then as a small sensation.

Romy Schneider am Wörthersee 1944


Romy Schneider Kinderfotos

23. September 2018 – Romy Schneiders 80er Geburtstag

Der Weltstar, Romy Schneider, wäre am 23. September 2018 achzig Jahre alt geworden.
In unserem Archiv befinden sich 30 schwarzweiss Fotos aus dem Zeitraum 1943 bis 1944.
Wir halten an allen Fotos die Exklusivrechte und bieten diese einmaligen Aufnahmen zur Lizensierung weltweit an.

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Mit freundlichen Grüßen / with kind regards
Agentur Meier zu Hartum
Wörthersee 1944Mariengrund 23. September 1943